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Anti-Aging and Wellness Q & A with Dr. Izabella Kogan

Dr. Izabella Kogn discussing anti-aging and wellness modalities at the Queens Med Spa

Dr. Izabella Kogan MD, PhD, CCFP

Question: Dr. Kogan what made you deviate from regular family practice into integrative and anti-aging medicine?


Answer: I was trained in Europe 30 years ago. The medicine in Europe tends to combine the Western pharmaceutical-based approach and an Eastern approach.  For example, we were trained in botanical medicine and acupuncture etc. in addition to allopathic medicine. I was receptive to holistic medicine from the beginning. In addition to this, my own health challenges and my family's health issues directed me toward integrative care. 


Question: What anti-aging and wellness services are available at the Queens Med Spa?


Answer: There are 4 pillars of chronic disease management. Control of oxidative stress, immune system balance, mitochondria support, and tissue regeneration. 


Here at Queens, we provide Red Light Therapy using the Rouge Full Body Panel Red Light Bed. The treatment is combined with a PEMF and Infrared mat. Red light at a wavelength on 650 -880 nm activates cytochrome enzymes within mitochondria and helps to generate ATP which is the energy currency of the cell. 

That is why Red Light is so effective for chronic fatigue, chronic pain, neurodegenerative conditions, and many others. 


Another wonderful modality we use is the Ozone Steam Sauna. It is an effective way of detoxification and immune support. What I like the best about this modality is that it helps to get rid of heavy metals, mold toxins, viruses, etc. It is amazing to see how much black or grey residue is left on a white towel after the patient leaves the sauna cabinet. 


Question: What skin care equipment is available at Queen's Institute for Skin Disease and Anti-Aging? 


Answer: The skin care consultation and services are supervised by Dr.Camelia Gheorghe

, GP focusing in Dermatology. Dr. Gheorghe and I always highly recommend the Oxygeneo 3-1 Super Facial. This is a proven technology where the Bohr effect is used to saturate skin with Oxygen. It is a 3-in-1 facial where exfoliation is followed by oxygenation, massage, and an ultrasound infused serum application. Our favorite is the Tripolar skin tightening technology we have. Radiofrequency is used in this technique to tighten the collagen strands. One treatment reduces the asking surface by 20 %, which means it is a serious competitor to plastic surgery. 


Of course, Anti-Aging aesthetics is impossible without IPL treatments that help to get rid of pigmented and vascular spots and tighten and brighten the skin. 

The TWIST technology for micro needling is a leader in the industry of skin care, so adding PRP facials for wrinkle reduction produces amazing results.


Are there any new modalities you envision in the future? 


Answer: I am a big proponent of IV nutrient therapy. Many people struggle with absorption issues which IV treatment help bypass. For example, we can put 25 g of Vitamin C in one IV drip, which is equivalent to 50 capsules. No one can digest that much Vitamin C. We also use other nutrients like NAD for brain rejuvenation, and Plaquex to clean up the blood vessels from atherosclerotic plaque. IV treatment can be paired with lymphatic drainage massage to the legs and Red Light Therapy. 


Most importantly…. we are looking to build a community of friends who are interested in longevity and anti-aging. We are here to support you. Call us at 705 250-9544 or join our mailing list and book your first with us directly on our website at

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