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Dr. Izabella Kogan on Vascular Aging

What is vascular aging?

Sir William Osler once said, “A man is as old as his blood vessels”. Vascular aging is characterized by progressive arterial stiffness, loss of elasticity, calcium deposition, and thrombosis.

Is vascular aging inevitable?

I like the saying “Genetics loads the gun and lifestyle pulls the trigger “. Blood pressure control is the most important modifiable factor. Just imagine…. high blood pressure stretches the artery, resulting in microscopic trauma of the endothelium (inner vessel lining). Cholesterol and calcium deposits tend to patch that trauma and it creates a blockage. If thrombosis settles on top of the plaque, heart attacks and strokes will eventually happen. For most people, a blood pressure of 120/80 is recommended. Of course, everyone is aware of the value of a low salt, low saturated fat diet, the importance of exercise, and smoking cessation. I wanted to share a few tips today that might not be so well-known.

●     Replacing regular salt with “Ideal salt” ( a mix of sodium chloride and potassium chloride) significantly reduces the risk of cardiac death. “Ideal salt” is available at the Alliston Family Pharmacy in the Mill Pond Medical Centre or can be found online. Not recommended for patients with kidney failure.

●     Using certain antibacterial mouthwashes can damage friendly bacteria, which produce most nitric oxide in our body. Nitric oxide keeps the blood vessels open. There is a study showing that after two weeks of mouthwash use, healthy young volunteers developed hypertension.

●     Vit D helps to move calcium from the bloodstream to the bones. Most patients are deficient in Vit D therefore 5000 units are recommended together with co-factors like Vit K2 and Magnesium Glycinate

●     Waist not weight is a better predictor of cardiovascular health. The recommended number is weight divided by 2. 

What other strategies are recommended to prevent vascular aging?

●     Extra virgin olive oil 40 g a day

●     Pomegranate seeds ¼ cup a day

●     Aerobic and resistance exercise 60 min x 6 times a week

●     Sleep 8 hours a night

●     Quercetin 500 mg twice a day

●     Al carnitine 500 mg twice a day

●     NAC 500 mg twice a day

What could be done if blood vessels are already calcified or the patient has a history of heart attack?

image portraying a brush cleaning out blood vessels
Taking Care of Your Blood Vessels

Now we have greater possibilities of reversing the atherosclerosis process with the intravenous medication called Plaquex. It has been known in Europe for 70 years and has been gaining popularity in the USA since 1990. Plaquex consists of phosphatidylcholine which has the capacity to repair cell membranes. Cell membranes are damaged by free radicals, toxic substances, and heavy metals. Hypertension, cortisol, and adrenaline, in other words stress, damages the cell membranes, especially in the endothelium.​

When we get older the repair mechanisms break down as we can’t make enough phosphatidylcholine to repair the damage. IV Plaquex infusion repairs the damaged blood vessel resulting in the normalization of blood pressure, coronary calcium scores, resolution of chest pain, etc.

What other modalities does Queen's Institute for Skin Disease and Anti- Aging provide for patients with cardiovascular conditions?


●     Carbonic Sauna. It is a very comfortable procedure where patients sit in a sauna cabinet connected to a CO2 tank. The patient’s head is outside. CO2 sauna therapy can enhance blood circulation, promoting better oxygen and nutrient delivery to tissues throughout the body. This can aid in overall cardiovascular health and improve the function of various organs.

●     Exercise with Oxygen (EWOT) enhances cardiovascular function by increasing oxygen delivery to heart and muscles. It can help lower blood pressure, improve circulation, and support heart health.

●     Red light therapy reduces inflammation and oxidative stress post-heart attack, improves circulation, and reduces blood pressure.


Where can I get more information? 

My family practice patients can see me at the Millpond Medical Center in Alliston, and patients outside my roster can book an Anti-Aging consultation with the team at The Queen's Institute for Skin Disease and Anti-Aging at 705 250 9544 or directly on the website at

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