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Chronic Lyme Disease: What is it, can it be treated ?

Spring 2024 is here, and so it Tick bite season! You’ve likely heard to beware of tick bites as they can transmit Lyme disease. Specifically, they serve as a host to the Borrelia burgdoferi bacteria & some other co-infections (such as Bartonella sp. & Babesia sp.. Lyme disease was first recognized in Old Lyme, Connecticut by Dr. Willy Burgdorfer in the 1970s when pediatricians were diagnosing an alarmingly high rate of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, which wasn’t Arthritis at all, it turned out to be Lyme bacterial infection.


The bacteria is most commonly transmitted by blacklegged or deer ticks, but there is growing evidence that it can be transmitted from other ticks such as dog ticks, or possibly even mosquito bites. The telltale symptom of a bull’s-eye rash appearing around the tick bite can be indicative of Lyme infection, but the absence of that symptom cannot rule out the disease. Many people do not develop the rash and still become infected with Lyme, so be sure to follow up with your doctor for all Tick bites.


Not to worry everyone; even if a tick does carry the bacteria and bites you, many robust people seem to have an immune system which can flight it off, or are able to completely eradicate the infection with a course of regular antibiotics. There are several difficulties the medical system faces when dealing with chronic Lyme disease, not the least of which is the difficulty to diagnose it. With almost any possible symptom manifesting (fatigue, muscle and joint pains, neuropathies or nerve issues being the top of the list), and very poor blood test detection methods, this growing disease which is endemic to Ontario is becoming more of a concern.


I have successfully treated many Lyme Disease cases with herbal (tinctures) & Naturopathic medicine. Treatments can include advanced therapies such as mistletoe injections or Low Dose Immunotherapy (LDI), or be as simple as a few months of tinctures & detox support. Every patient is different (especially with Chronic Lyme disease where any and everything is possible symptom wise). Has Lyme disease affected you, a family member, or a friend? Would you like to learn more about this chronic ailment and the co-infections that accompany it? Book a consult with me.......Dr. David Collings ND. Check out my website at

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Be's Tick Season

More public info including tick bite prevention can be found:

The ILADS list of Lyme Literate doctors who can treat Lyme (including Dr. Collings, ND) in North America can be found at:

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