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The Secret To Happiness

You may have seen the article “New neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happy.” Below Dr. Collings outlines the 4 rituals, and we dive a little deeper into this article:

1) When feeling down, first ask yourself “Why?” Second ask yourself “What am I grateful for?” Name and focus on something which you can be grateful for, whether it is a person, part of nature, a favourite food, a pet, etc. Feeling gratitude can have profound neurological effects activating the brain stem region that produces dopamine, as well as boosting serotonin.

l remember even the act of searching for something to express gratitude towards can have these neurological benefits. It doesn’t need to be profound where we are grateful for surviving the COVID pandemic, it could be something as small as gratitude for the birds chirp, or the blooms on a tree, or the smell of coffee.

2) When feeling down, label or name that feeling. Are you sad, anxious, or angry? Acknowledging that feeling by saying it out loud (in a word or two) will consciously reduce that negative emotion’s impact on your health.  

IE: “I am angry now… but it will pass”

3) Make that decision which has been weighing on you. Neuroscience research shows that finally making a decision will reduce anxiety. Simply make a “good enough for now” decision; please don’t sweat over having to be 100% perfect. You can always adapt in the future.

Maybe the decision is to focus on your current health and goals then re-visit that decision at a specific later date, or maybe the decision is to start working with a Naturopathic Doctor or Registered Psychotherapist to do some talk therapy and counselling through said decision.

4) Human touch. Shake a hand, hug a friend, etc. Again neuroscience research shows that the brain needs this feeling of love and acceptance from others. This simple act which we often overlook has actually been shown to reduce pain!

Bonus: research has shown 20 seconds into a hug is when the average person gets endorphin release - have a nice long hug with a friend today!


So how do you learn to really master these happiness habits? 

naturopathic doctor
Dr. David Collings ND

Book an appointment with Dr. David Collings, ND for counselling, herbal and nutritional medication to boost mood beyond these simple habits & reduce pain. There are dozens of researched & effective herbal & nutritional natural supplement prescriptions you could use to reduce anxiety and depression. Together we can make sure your health and happiness meter is maxed out.

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